Spanish Classes! ANPS Wednesday 3-4:30PM $30

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First Session Week 1 - Wednesday October 15, 10 week program.

The Program 

Spanish Classes is a FUN way to learn Spanish, the second most spoken language across the world. 
The Spanish program for children includes topics such as: greetings and introductions, family, classroom, parts of the body, etc. These topics are taught in 10 lessons per term during the year. Each lesson runs for 90 minutes. 
We believe that the most powerful tool to engage kids in this process is with fun but pedagogically sound activities. In addition to more conventional teaching sessions, we regularly engage with singing, dancing, playing or acting activities when the latter contribute to student learning.

The minimum class size is 6 kids. 

The Teacher  

Jimena Escobar

Jimena Escobar

WWC 0959532E

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