Guardians of the Green: WEDNESDAY SOLD OUT Thurs: 3-4:30PM $20

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Starts Wednesday 1 February 2018

About the Program 

The Wilkins Green community garden is the perfect outdoor classroom with 1 hectare of open green space offering a myriad of learning opportunities and adventures with nature. This program will give children weekly access to hands-on experiential learning about sustainability and conservation; plant growing; bush land regeneration and protection; native species and flora and fauna habitats.

Each week children will record observations and experiences in their own nature journal to bring home at the end of term. They will sample and grow their own edible plants in the permaculture garden and learn about seed propagation. They will explore remnant bushland, native grasses and habitat hollows to develop orienteering and survival skills. They will share story-telling and experiment with natural elements as art materials. Guardians of the Green garden club is all about connecting to nature through meaningful ways.

Kids may get dirty, scratched and their uniforms might get grubby. Smocks will be provided for messy activities such as painting or planting and the program includes a nature journal and take-home treats such as seedlings, herbs and artworks.

The Teachers

Tealia Scott   
Wednesday                      Thursday
Tealia Scott                      Suzzanne Matkowski
WWC:0004904E               WWC:0030441E

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