Totem Skate School: Thursday 3-4:30PM $22

Day: Thursday 3-4:30 10 weeks
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Price per kid:

First session: Week 2 February 7

The Program 

Totem Skate School will be providing the perfect environment for kids of all skill levels to learn how to skateboard safely and confidently under the guidance of experienced, passionate and professional skateboard coaches. Professional grade safety gear and skateboards provided. Rainy days will focus on creative projects such as skateboard design, stencil making, graphic design and much more.

There is also the option to do the Skate Art class which includes a skateboard that the kids design and paint themselves to take home. It's up to them if they want to either hang on the wall or skate. This is an extra $40 for the skateboard.

The Teacher

Nigel Cameron
Nigel Cameron

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