Art in The Green Profile

The Philosophy

By exposing students to nature and allowing them to learn and play outside, environmental education fosters sensitivity, appreciation, and respect for the environment. It combats Nature Deficit Disorder and it's FUN!
Wilkins Green offers an amazing free space for your child to roam and rule. It is a place for kids to develop an early, unique relationship with the natural environment that will stay with them for life. Whilst playing and exploring outdoors, a child is more likely to encounter opportunities for decision making that will stimulate skills in problem solving and creative thinking, because outdoor spaces are often more varied and less structured than indoor spaces. So too, being outdoors can induce curiosity, creativity and the use of imagination - an all too rare experience in this age of screens and digital technologies.
Supporting this program is also assisting Wilkins Green to raise much needed funds towards to ongoing maintenance and preservation of the site.

The Teacher

Robyn Chiles
WWC: 0522413E

General Information

Art in the Green is a fun and interactive way to engage with the environment. Children will be outside and active. Our aim is to encourage students from the beginning of the course, to appreciate and enjoy nature. Environmental Education lessons provide life-long benefits for your child’s broader learning. Our methodology is based on an explorative approach, which promotes active learning, stewardship of the land and empowerment for children through new skills and knowledge of how their decisions and actions affect the environment.

1. All children will be provided with a sketch book/folder at the start of term to record explorations, observations and activities. These will be kept on site and sent home on completion of each term.

2. At the start of each lesson children will sit down for a snack and drink, please ensure they have food packed and a drink bottle.

3. Children are likely to get dirty, please provide protective clothing to wear over their school uniform, eg smock or old shirt

4. In the event of wet weather, lessons will still run. In adverse weather conditions an indoor space will be used for nature focussed lessons.

5. Children will be encouraged to interact with plants, bugs, grasses and trees, including being permitted to climb the low branches of the fig tree. Please be aware that children might occasionally get a scratch, graze or a sting.

6. In the event of minor incidents, a qualified first aid officer using the on-site first aid kit will implement basic first aid.

7. In the event of a major incident, strict emergency procedures will be followed in accordance with our policy documentation, which is available on request. Parents will be contacted ASAP and an incident report form will be completed.


1. You pay for the entire term via KEEN. Non-attendance due to sickness cannot be refunded.  

2. An enrolment form must be completed for each child to advise of any medical/health conditions and any persons authorised to collect your child. Please ensure photo permission is given/declined on the enrolment form.

3. Class times

3.1 The lesson finishes strictly at 4.30pm. Parent/guardian/authorised carer will be required to sign child out. Please ensure you notify Robyn on 0403 892 391 if you are late for pick-up.

Please understand any repeated late collection of children may incur late collection penalty fees.

3.2 If your child is not attending, (i.e. sick or away), please notify Robyn via text by 2:30pm on the day of the lesson.

3.3 Only authorised persons can sign your child out of Art in The Green classes. Any change to this needs it to be sent via text prior to 4pm on the day of the lesson.

3.4 If the child is attending OSHC after the Art in The Green class arrangements will be made with OSHC on a case-by- case basis.  

4. Art in The Green reserves the right to cancel an enrolment if a student is disruptive. If we cancel, any fees paid will be refunded on a pro-rata basis.

5. Children will need to wear closed toed shoes and a hat.