Finntastic Profile

The Philosophy 

Finland: A tiny country with really big success when it comes to pedagogy the main reasons for this success is that the Finns know the importance of play. 
Creative problem solving play takes central part in the Finnish classroom, in the form of music, rhymes, songs, memory games, word puzzles, board games, guessing games, maths games, and imaginative journeys.
Conversely, physical play is commonly used in Finland for warming up, for energizing the class, and for physical exercise. 

Studies point to the fact that learning through play is not merely a cognitive but also a cultural, emotional, social and physical process (Hyvönen)
Some fun facts about schools in Finland: 

  • Kids don’t start school until they are seven-years-old.
  • Students address teachers by their first name.
  • Parents are always welcome in classrooms.
  • Play breaks are taken every 45 minutes.
  • Children carry out classroom ‘chores’ from, the first year onwards.
  • Primary students do no homework at all (yay!)

The Teacher

Marianne Lacey
Marianne Lacey

Certificate 3 in Children's Services
Apply First Aid
ASCIA Anaphylaxis training for schools and childcare
WWC number: 0333886E


"Our two children have been in Finntastic for two years now and they really enjoy the program. Each session has been planned with great activities; interactive play, cognitive games, craft, sport, computers or even quiet time reading. There's something to satisfy all ages. The carers are superb; nurturing, involved and not to mention fun. I highly recommend this program."

"My son has been attending Finntastic for almost two years now and absolutely loves it. Finntastic has helped him find his way socially at school, as he gets to spend quality time playing with kids his own age (many of the other providers have either much older children or are activities based). Marianne has a great way with children, provides regular feedback on how my son is going and the kids adore her. I have also found the flexibility of Finntastic a godsend, as I've been able to book my son in for additional days when I've needed it."

"Maya really enjoys it.. So much so, it is often hard to get her to leave.
There are always so many things for her to do. Its great there is so much physical activity and different games to play.  Maya also really likes all the craft especially making her own charm bracelets or reading one of her favourite books. She has made some really lovely friendships with many of the children.
Marianne has a warm and kind personality and always makes everyone feel very welcome."


Bookings and Payment

Bookings are on a term basis. You will be invoiced for the entire term via KEEN. Please note Finntastic reserves the right to invoice regardless of cancellation or changes.

Collecting Children

Please collect your child no later than 5.55pm. The School dictates that Finntastic vacate the premises strictly at 6pm. Finntastic insurance does not cover your children after 6pm.

On the rare occasion of extenuating circumstances causing a delay please contact Finntastic Staff ASAP. If a child is collected later than 6pm more than once, a $10 late fee will occur for every 15mins thereafter.


Finntastic reserves the right to charge a session fee regardless of absence.


As we are based within School grounds, we need to adhere to School Rules, such as climbing over fences, leaving the School, jumping on furniture, defacing or vandalising School property, swearing or fighting and any behavior that is anti-social. Students will be warned once that this is unacceptable and if repeated will be asked to leave Finntastic.