Fit Kids Profile

Games and activities include using balls and balloons of different size and weight in exercises that focus on gross and fine motor skill development with hand/foot – eye coordination, reflexes and balance. The agility and endurance exercises use different muscle groups for a balanced and easy to learn understanding of basic through to advanced movements of the human body, through the use of agility ladders, cones, skipping rope. Partner exercises give students the opportunity to work together to reach a goal.
With our martial arts background we incorporate into our lessons; self control, motivation, focus and respect for self and others. Participating in our program will also teach students the value of healthy living through exercise and nutrition.
Studies have shown that engaging in a fitness or martial arts activity before and after school has tremendous mental and emotional benefits alongside the obvious health benefits, enhancing the childrens’ focus while settling their moods and increasing concentration.

 The Teacher

Allan Cole
Allan Cole

Allan is a highly accomplished martial artist and trainer with extensive qualifications:

  • Certifications 3 & 4 in personal Training
  • Taekwondo 2006 – present
  • Hapkido 2007 – 2011
  • Hanmudo 2013 – present
  • Tai Chi 2013 – present
  • Kung Fu (4 styles) 2015 – present

WWC number: WWC1096233E 


Costs: You pay for the full  9 or 10 week term at the start. It is the student’s responsibility to attend class regularly as fees will not be waived for absences. Students can do a make-up class for absences on another day if more than one session is offered at your school. 

Dress: Students must wear shorts or loose fitting pants to class. Martial arts pants are preferable but not essential. No skirts, dresses, singlets or jeans.

Attendance: ANPS - We meet at the KEEN sign at 3pm; however, all Kindy kids will be picked up from their classrooms by the instructor before class starts. Afternoon lessons finish at 4.30 and it is the responsibility of parents to be there when the session ends. If your child is attending another program such as Anooshca or Finntastic, one of our instructors will take them to that location and sign them in at the end of our session. Please ensure that your child has water and snacks for the lesson and a hat on sunny days.

Wilkins - we meet at the entrance to the office at 7.30 or if late, parents can drop their children off at the oval where we train.