Little Ballers Profile

The program is designed to teach kids all of the fundamentals of basketball and how to work as a team to achieve success. As important as individual skill is, no 1 player can beat a team. As a philosophy the program will be inclusive, supportive and focusing on continuous improvement. 

Baller kidsThe kids will gain Self Confidence as the program evolves week to week through learning and practicing new skills. They will make new friends and learn to work together to achieve success.

They will improve their decision making and communication skills as there are many different parts to a game.

Most of the Junior Basketball programs in Australia start at the Under 10's or Under 12's. Little Ballers is designed to get kids into the sport at a young age to develop the right skills and values so when they join a competition they are already ahead of the game!

The Teacher

Ben Ross

Ben Ross

I have been Involved in Basketball for over 30 years. As a young player through primary and high school and beyond. More recently as my daughter and her friends are learning the game now as a coach. I have completed the Coaching Certificate - CLUB BASKETBALL COACHING COURSE through Basketball NSW and the Australian Sports Commission.

WWC: APP1955725


Dear Parents and Carers:

Thank you for enrolling your kids into LITTLE BALLERS! We are delighted to have them involved in this exciting Basketball program.

Our courses are based on an inclusive game based environment where every child has the opportunity to develop their own individual skills, and then learn to transfer these skills into a team based environment. It is designed to be fun, active and continuously improving the confidence and skills of the children.

Thank you to Keen and the School for helping us to facilitate this program. Please read through the following Terms and conditions:

  1. You will be invoiced by KEEN for the entire terms lessons on a term-by-term basis. Non-attendance due to sickness cannot be refunded.
  1. Please advise of any medical/health conditions or allergies for your child
  1. Classes will run from 3pm – 4.30pm on your chosen day.
  1. The program finishes strictly at 4.30pm as this is the time that the school allows us to use the space.
  1. Please advise Ben via text on 0413 577 527 if you are late for pick up.
  1. If your child is not attending (i.e. sick or away), please notify Ben via text by 2pm on the day of the lesson.
  1. Only authorised persons can sign your child out of Little Ballers. Please provide details of up to 2 people who can collect your child from Little Ballers. Any change to this needs to be sent via text prior to 4pm on the day of the lesson.
  1. Participants must follow safety instructions as Little Ballers accept no liability for injury or loss.
  1. Little Ballers reserves the right to cancel an enrolment if a student is disruptive
  1. Children will need to wear sneakers/sport shoes and have a hat and water
  1. In the event of wet weather lessons will still run at an indoor space focused on learning about all things basketball.