Little Big Minds Profile

The Philosophy

We teach students to:
• Be intellectually curious. We believe this is the ultimate success measure – not a grade or result.
• Build confidence. We build confidence by encouraging our students to rely on logic and reasoning, not just a method or formula.
• Comprehend the question. We assist our children in identifying precisely which aspects of the question they understand and which they don’t. This is just as important as getting a correct answer.
• Communicate effectively. Everyone thinks differently. Everyone learns differently. Explaining your thoughts clearly and simply is a necessary life skill we help develop. 
• Learn to learn. We guide our children to develop their own learning strategy and motivate them to become life long learners.

Our Program

1. Crunch n Sip – kids enjoy a healthy snack brought from home to fuel those big minds.
2. Icebreakers and warm ups.
3. Solve NAPLAN style numeracy and logic questions as a group using a hands-on approach. No time limits, no exams, no pressure. We provide the question, props, and visual aids to get those little big minds fuelling. All in a safe and collaborative environment.
4. Kiddies then pair up and present their solutions back to the rest of the group.

More about the Teachers

Tutoring since 2007 (K-12 & Tertiary)
Bachelor of Mathematics Hons & Finance 2011
Published Author of “Hedging Instruments for Green Power”

Tutoring since 2008 (K-12)
Bachelor of Mathematics & Finance 2011

We met studying mathematics at the University of Technology, Sydney. Here we formed a close friendship and found ourselves thriving off each other’s ideas. While a combined 15 years of corporate experience have proved to be fulfilling, it is our shared passion and energy for education that has led us to chase our dream. Our aspiration is not just to teach but rather, to empower students to be life long learners.

Check out Talia’s STEM feature article on pages 16 and 17 of the Careers with Maths magazine, published and distributed to every high school in the country: