Are you the next KEEN School?

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GET KEEN and maximise the potential of your school.

KEEN is a free service to schools that coordinates enriching programs for kids on school premises.

KEEN helps schools generate a rental income by managing community use of school space after hours.

How do we get KEEN?

It is easy to get started:

  • You decide what programs you would like to offer, according to community needs and or available space,
  • Promotion of the programs can start however and whenever suits you,
  • Your school community will gain access to great enrichment activities that help make the most of out of school hours,
  • Your school earns money for the Community use of available space.

Contact us today to set up the KEEN initiative at your school. 

How does KEEN work?

KEEN directly supports schools by providing a management service of community use to generate much needed additional funds and offer students enriching programs out of school hours. We manage the program providers, enable bookings for parents and work with the school to find space to run the programs. 

The Department of Education and Community's (DEC) Policy on community use of schools, as outlined in the Context excerpt below, affords broader benefits to be gained from schools as a valuable community resource.

The KEEN initiative perfectly aligns with DEC's Community Use Policy and objectives as shown in the excerpt below...

3.1 Schools are valuable facilities which belong to the community. While their prime function is to serve as places of learning for young people, there are many times when the buildings and grounds are not in use.
3.2 The Department of Education and Training (sic) encourages members of the community and education groups to use school facilities when they are available.  This is a way of sharing a significant resource, and strengthening the partnership between schools and local communities.
3.3 Community use of school facilities provides benefits to both schools and their communities through:

  • enhanced co-operation and goodwill between the school and the community;
  • the provision of additional extra-curricula learning opportunities;
  • better access for communities and schools to state-of-the-art facilities;
  • opportunities for the community to become better informed about and participate in the school's operation and activities;
  • more effective use of valuable school facilities;
  • opportunities for the community to play a positive role in school security through out-of-hours use of the facilities; and
  • increased revenue for schools to use on improvements to premises and school resources.

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