Smart Art Profile

The Philosophy

The Smart Art program has been developed to allow your child to use a variety of art materials to create and enjoy. The time within the class will have a relaxed structure to allow the children to follow their interests and allow them to find their inner artist.

The Teacher

Nicola Jones

Nicola Jones 


Nicola Jones creates art everyday. She has a corner/studio in her home where she makes something everyday. She has embarked on her own 500 project and it is her intention to create 500 pieces of art with the idea that she can create anything!

Meanwhile Nicola has been coming into ANPS and teaching art to Year 6 students and has absolutely loved it. Within her own family and friends she has led many a group of children in creating art, hosting children's parties or just having fun drawing in groups.


"Mrs Jones is the most wonderful teacher. I was lucky to have a holiday with her last summer. We did lots of fabulous Art together with my friends. Making sand sculptures, drawing and many more fun creative games. She is great at Art and I can't wait for my Art class with Mrs Jones next Term at my school (ANPS)"

Saskia Lai Butler, Year 3 student.


Terms and Conditions

You will pay for the entire term's lessons on a term by term basis unless you can advise at the beginning of term which days you will not be attending ie holidays, appointments etc.

Non attendance due to sickness cannot be refunded however a make up class on the alternate days are available.

The lesson runs until 4.30pm. If you are not collecting your child, allow them to meet you in the playground, or are attending ANOOSCHA this must be advised.

Please advise of any absences by 2pm on the day otherwise it will be assumed your child is on the school premises and is running late, causing delay and confusion.

Please advise in writing if you DO NOT wish your child to be photographed.

Please advise of any allergies, medical conditions etc.

Each child is given a behavioural contract* at the beginning of their Smart Art experience. If behaviour is not consistent with the contract and a student continues to be disruptive then I reserve the right to cancel an enrolment.

If enrolment is cancelled fees will be refunded on a pro rata basis.

*I'm happy to show you it, just ask. Nicola Jones ☎️ 0412 023 241