Startime Drama Profile

The Philosophy

  • Stepping outside their comfort zone which helps them to grow in confidence through a sense of achievement.
  • Identifying, acknowledging and developing their strengths.
  • Managing their areas of weakness with encouragement and support
  • Inspiring a sense of teamwork by supporting others
  • Having their own time to shine through talent quests and awards
  • Being inspired by committed professional Coaches

Skills Developed:

Improvisation: learning and solidifying the basics of "making stuff up" on the spot. Thinking on your feet, outside the box, releasing fear, connecting to instinct. through theatre games and exercises.

Vocal: breathing exercises,Finding your big voice, exploring your range, articulation games to improve vocal confidence, clarity and dexterity.

Physical Expression: Releasing fear to explore your full imaginative physical range to create characters of all types, sizes and shapes. 

The Teacher

Lindsay Moss
Lindsay Moss

For the last 20 years I have worked in the entertainment industry – initially as a producer and director of documentaries, then in the business of post- production. In 2001 I went to the other side and completed a Advanced Diploma in Acting (The Journey Program) at the Actors Centre Australia. Here I discovered my talent for teaching drama to children. In 2006 I founded StarTime as place for children to learn in an environment that is full of wonder, inspiration and support.

I am passionate about discovering ways for children to find and develop their unique strengths via the performing arts. Not only to become an engaging performer but more importantly, a well rounded, compassionate individual, aware of the powerful impact their unique voice can have on the world.

WWC number: WWC0169527E


Please note, enrolments in StarTime courses are not confirmed until full payment for the Term has been received and processed through KEEN.

Health and safety
All participants must follow safety instructions as StarTime does not accept liability for personal injury.

StarTime Studios reserves the right to refuse anyone who poses a disciplinary problem to our coaches and staff.

StarTime Studios does not accept responsibility for personal property left at the venues we use.

Parents/Guardians must arrange for those in their charge to be dropped off and picked up from the appropriate venues and at the appropriate times agreed upon when enrolling as we cannot accept responsibility for students before or after the StarTime activities in which they are enrolled.

Your personal information
Any personal information will be stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Photographs and recording
StarTime Studios reserves the right to make photographic and/or visual/audios recordings of our workshops and participants for inclusion in our archives for use as training and marketing materials. We will always make you aware of the fact we are filming and if you would prefer this material not be used by StarTime, please let us know.