STEAM Investigators

The Philosophy

Each week the children will be given a series of challenges in a game format. The children work collaboratively to solve a series of critical thinking puzzles in order to break the code and unlock the final answer. They will race against time and the key to success is team work, they will learn to use each other's strengths and to communicate effectively. The final challenge will be to create their own game that the other teams will play.

The children will work in teams and depending upon the challenge of the day, the team will be supplied with a computer notebook/Tablet, engineering puzzles, pens, paper, UV flash light, hint cards, lock boxes and much more.

The key learning goals for this course are:

- Critical Thinking

- Collaboration

- Leadership

- Research skills

- Applying knowledge from school Mathematics, Science, History, English, Technology, Engineering

- Other thinking skills are : Reasoning, Computational thought and reflection

The Teacher 

Liling Ong

Liling Ong

Liling is a founder of STEAM Education Australia. She has been involved in several community education organisations and a teacher at Code Camp. 

Terms and Conditions

  • Enrolment is only confirmed once payment has been received
  • No refund will be given on non-attendance. Students can attend equivalent replacement class if there are vacancies
  • Children are not to use personal electronic devices during the program including ipads (unless part of course requirements), phones (except for emergency). They may leave them in their bags
  • Children must wear closed shoes in the centre at all times
  • Children must not leave the rooms without teacher supervision
  • If you authorise an alternate person to pick up your child, please provide their name and contact via email 
  • STEAM Education Australia has strict rules for the collection of children. All children are required to be collected by 4:30 PM. If a parent is running late, please contact the senior coach immediately with an estimated time of arrival. Penalties for being late incur a $50 fine for every 15 minutes over time. 
  • The parent/guardian will not hold STEAM Education Australia P/L, its staff or volunteers responsible for any loss of property and/or accidents.