Art in the Green: Tuesday 3-4:30pm $20

Day: Tuesday 3-4:30 7 weeks
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Price per kid:

First Session: Week 2, Tuesday 6 February 2018

The Program 

Using the Wilkins Green Community Garden as our outdoor creative classroom, Art In The Green will guide children through a program of Art Activities based on observation and exploration of the natural resources around them.

Each week children will be guided through different Art Activities in the Green, they will learn, explore, collect, observe, draw, paint, collage, make, build and sculpt using a variety of techniques and materials (including when possible a little experimentation with natural art materials). Art in The Green is a process based Art Program that will provide a way of connecting kids to nature through creativity.
All materials are provided. As with the Guardians of the Green program, kids may get dirty, scratched and their uniforms might get grubby. Aprons will be provided for messy activities.

The Teacher

Robyn Chiles

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