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 First Session: Week 1, Monday 14 October, 7:30 AM

The Program

"Life must be lived as play" Plato
Finland is a country famous for its 187,888 lakes; fabulous design; and bears. Lots and lots of bears.
Finland is also famous for its world class education system. See this link to a recent newspaper article.
In fact we are so inspired by the Finns that we decided to base our after-school-care program around the Finnish pedagogical philosophy.
This means just a little bit of homework, but not so much that your child's brain hurts (after-all, they've already been in a classroom for 6 hours). We'll read a few books, do some Mathletics and Reading Eggs and perhaps prepare for a class news presentation.
Next, we ramp up the fun-factor with a session of creative play. The children might be making a necklace, building a spaceship with LEGO, painting with mosaics, or even having a go at some traditional games of Finland, such as Crab Ball Tag, Klop, and Ketchu (similar to hide-and-seek).
And we'll also get those muscles moving with a spot of physical activity; jumping up and down, skipping, kicking a ball, throwing a Frisbee, even a hip-hop dance.
Because like the Finns, we believe variety is the spice of life.

The Teacher

Marianne Lacey
Marianne Lacey

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