Martial Arts ANPS: Mon and Wednesday 3-4:30PM $25

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First Session: Week 1, Wednesday October 16

The Program: 

Master Michael’s Martial Arts program draws on 20 years of teaching experience across a number of martial arts disciplines promoting vital skills to children of all ages and physical abilities. 

After a long day at school, Martial Arts offers a positive, healthy outlet for kids to channel into a number of exciting activities designed to grow students skill and confidence. The physical and mental outcomes such as improved health, coordination, resilience and confidence for children in our Martial Arts program are proven to be of great benefit to their mental and physical abilities and fitness.

All students are welcome and encouraged come and have a go and to challenge themselves in a safe and fun environment. The program is suited for all children with any level of physical skill and we pride ourselves on identifying, encouraging and assisting each student to develop their abilities in a group setting. Classes are designed to be fun while teaching children valuable skills such as coordination, confidence, self control and respect for themselves and others. 

The Teacher

Michael Pupo
Michael Pupo

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